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The Portrait Photography competition deadline has been moved to Sunday, July 9th – giving you a few more days! Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your pictures!!!

In addition to the competition, we have two exciting workshops to enhance your portrait photography skills:

Studio Portrait Photography Workshop with Aga King

Date: 22nd July (Saturday), 10am-4pm
Location: Wimbledon Art Studios
Limited Availability: Only two spots left!

Course Outline & Booking

Join Aga, our talented and experienced photographer (corporate and actors headshots family portraits, kids and newborn, maternity, weddings), as she guides you through the intricacies of studio portrait photography. This workshop is designed to help you master studio lights, creative techniques, light shaping tools and reflectors, composition, and directing your subjects to create fantastic portraits. Secure your spot today!

Street Portrait Photography and Flash with Rob Irving

Date: 3rd September (Sunday), 10am-4pm
Location: South Bank / Waterloo
Limited Availability: 6 places available

Course Outline & Booking

Discover the art of capturing beautiful portraits using natural light and flash techniques in our outdoor portrait photography workshop led by Rob. Learn how to harness the power of natural lighting and master the nuances of flash photography. Gain valuable insights and hands-on experience to take your outdoor portraits to the next level!

Key Workshop Highlights:

  • Engaging with the public: Collaborating with individuals and groups for authentic portraits.
  • Mastering natural light: Harnessing the power of available lighting for captivating results.
  • Introduction to flash photography: Balancing flash with natural light for creative effects.
  • Composition and storytelling: Capturing the essence of your subjects through powerful compositions.
  • Technical considerations: Lens choices, camera settings, and other factors to enhance your portraits.

Introduction to Flash

  • Radiant portraits: Illuminate your subject in low light conditions
  • Master the light: Transform unflattering lighting into flawless portraits
  • Captivating Drama: Make your subjects pop off the background
  • Embrace luminosity: Add depth and detail with fill light to perfect your portraits

Whether you’re a beginner looking to expand your skills or an experienced enthusiast seeking new techniques, our workshops offer valuable learning opportunities in a supportive and engaging environment.

If you have any questions about the competition, workshops, or any other London photography courses we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to assist you and provide guidance on your photographic journey.

Roland & DSLR Photo Team

Roland Pokrywka

Professional photographer passionate about capturing the beauty of nature, landscapes, and travel —