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Portrait Photography and Studio Lighting Course

Our Portrait Photography Course is fun and informative introduction to the fundamental elements of portrait photography with an emphasis on the importance of light and how to control it: natural light, flash and studio lighting.

Highly enjoyable one day course with plenty of hands-on practice shooting portraits outdoors and in our studio.

professional photographic equipment - dslr camera, lenses, flash

But what is portraiture? A simple document taken in a photo booth? Yes. An elaborate set up in a studio? Yes. A lucky shot of an old man or a cute kid reading a book on the floor? Yes. It is all of this and much much more. Therefore, some of the course will focus on what portraiture actually is. Why and how we choose to shoot particular subjects.

portrait photography course

Summer 2017 Portrait photography course sale

Great introduction to Portraiture and Studio Lighting

Our Portrait photography course normally runs from 10.00am to 4.00pm with one coffee break and around half an hour for lunch.

The course will discuss what a photographic portrait actually is as well as exploring the different ways in which we can use studio lighting and photographic equipment to achieve the results that we want.

On this course you will learn and/or have an introduction to:

  • Explore a little of the history and concepts behind photographic portraiture, including the many different ways in which a portrait may be shot and even interpreted.
  • The basics of portraiture composition.
  • Look at the underlying principles of light such as: Quality, Quantity, Colour, Contrast and Direction, how to recognise, appreciate and ultimately control it, whether in a studio or just using “available” light.
  • An introduction to “high” and “low key” photography and how this can be achieved either in a studio context or, again, using available light.
  • Get hands on practice of setting up and shooting in different studio lighting scenarios, including the standard “one light” set ups such as: Rembrandt, Loop, Butterfly, Broad and Split lighting.
  • Develop practical understanding of typical lighting set ups, from one light to three light scenarios, including the concepts of “key” light, fill, rim and background lighting.
  • Have an introduction to metering and studio flash.
  • Consider different ways of posing and positioning the subject, including head shots and full length shots, and the principles of: Profile, Three quarter, Direct and Seven eighths head positions.
  • Have an opportunity to explore how we can shoot successful portraits using natural light, including such considerations as depth of field, lens choice and posing outside of a studio environment.
  • An understanding of how different focal lengths can totally alter the nature, expression and, ultimately, even the intention behind a photographic portrait.
  • You will leave the course with an appreciation of just how broadly the term portraiture may be interpreted.

What to expect on the day?

The course is a stimulating combination of presentations, demonstrations and discussions.

During the first part of this course our tutor will cover the history and concepts behind photographic portraiture, the equipment and methods used in portrait photography.

Next will be a guided practice with a model, tips on lens choice, composition, metering and how to control flash in different studio lighting scenarios.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is looking for new directions for their photography, would like to enhance their technical and creative skills, or maybe thinking of purchasing own studio lights and would like to have an introduction to studio flash and flash metering.


It is assumed that those attending will have a basic knowledge of photography and have an understanding of aperture, shutter speeds and exposure, or have already attended our Beginners DSLR or Intensive DSLR courses.

Suggested equipment

We have limited availability of 50mm f1.8 lenses for Nikon and Canon and offer free hire.

If you have a range of lenses please email us after making a booking and we will recommend best lenses for this course.

Tripods are not required.

Course key facts
Course level
intermediate and advanced
Group size
06 students
optimal tutor attention
1 day
10:00am – 4:00pm
Wimbledon Art Studios10 Riverside Yard
Riverside Road
London SW17 0BB

The tutor for this course is a fantastic Italian photographer Edoardo Zollo. Website: and Instagram:

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