Intermediate Photography Course

Intermediate Photography Course is a great class for people who already have some knowledge of digital photography and know how to use their cameras in fully manual mode.

The course explores more advanced camera functions, flash, elements of good composition and various creative techniques.

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This a full-day follow up of our Beginners half-day course and Intensive full-day beginners course, highly recommended to everyone wanting to expand their knowledge further.

By ensuring that you understand what photography actually IS and how the digital SLR works as a tool in this context you will gain an understanding and control of the DSLR system which no user manual or trial and error approach could ever hope to give you.

intermediate DSLR photography course

Great photography experience

The Intermediate photography course normally runs from 10.00am till 4.00pm. There is a short lunch break, and one tea/coffee break.

During intermediate photography course you will learn:

  • A quick overview of the photographers kit.
  • Refresher of all the different focusing modes: single, continuous and manual.
  • How to choose the most suitable exposure mode – M, A/Av, S/Tv
  • How to speed up your photography – When? and Why? Aperture priority (A/Av) and Shutter speed priority (S/Tv) plus how to use the Exposure compensation.
  • How to read and use Histograms to improve your photography.
  • What is middle grey and why does it matter?
  • Getting serious with metering systems – Matrix/Evaluative, Partial and Spot
  • “Blinkies” – how to avoid blown highlights in your photographs
  • Introduction to in-camera flash:
    • relationship between flash, ISO and shutter speed
    • minimising the flash appearance on the pictures
    • fill-in flash
    • creative use of flash
  • Indoor and low light shooting without flash.
  • Lenses – how to choose the best glass for the job or desired creative effect (distortions/perspective change).

Our course not only explains the basic science and nature of photography, but also introduces lots of hands-on practice sessions during which you will learn how to control and combine all different camera functions creatively.

We will also cover the art of good photography composition:

  • rule of thirds
  • filling the frame
  • symetry
  • patterns and textures
  • leading lines
  • frame within the frame
  • negative space

What to bring and camera suitability:

All DSLR, mirrorless compact systems and bridge cameras are suitable as long as they allow full manual control by selecting M on mode dial or through the camera menu.

As long as you are able to control the aperture, shutter speeds and ISO – you will enjoy your course! All the technical aspects of photography we will be talking about and the practical exercises will be relevant.

All mirrorless cameras from Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Nikon, Canon etc.. are very welcome 🙂

If you’d like to double check your camera suitability before making a booking, please just give us a call on 020 8947 8118, or email

We offer free camera and lenses hire for the duration of the course. Tripods are not required.

Course key facts
Course level 2
Group size
6 students
optimal tutor attention
1 day
10:00am – 4:00pm

DSLR Photography Courses Ltd

Wimbledon Art Studios

10 Riverside Road
SW17 0BB

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Learn, take control and begin to realise and fullfill your dream of taking consistently great pictures.

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