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After two years of playing around with my camera it was great to attend this course and finally learn the techniques I needed to get the results I wanted. Fantastic photography course. Highly recommended!

Damon Siusta

I got this course as a gift and I must say that it was the best gift I have ever got! I always used automatic settings for my photography but after this course I am looking forward to take all of my pictures in fully manual. Thanks!

Jana Breaks

I have had my DSLR camera for a year and haven’t been able to use it to its full potential – this course will keep me out off the auto setting for good! Excellent job distilling very technical info into easy to understand / remember components.

Michelle Boe, Sony Alpha A200

I signed up for the half day beginners course cause I needed to get an intro into how photography works. Creative hands on activities were very useful and the course met my expectations and more. Now feel confident enough to turn off the auto setting! Would definitely recommend!

Lauren Schofield, Nikon d90

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I’ve had my camera for a few years, and I’m beginning a long trip very soon so I came on a course to learn how to use my camera during my travels. All the activities were really beneficial and I learnt how to take photos on a manual setting, and developed much better understanding of my camera. Expectations fully met. Would recommend!

Paige Batson, Canon EOS 600d

I got my camera for my birthday and had no idea what it could do or how to use it. This course has given me a really good understanding of my camera and shown me so many functions I did not know about! I now understand what makes a good photo and how I can change settings to get a better pictures. An excellent course I would highly recommend.

Caroline Cox, Canon EOS 1200d

The course was bought for me as a gift after I purchased a camera for my birthday. It was a fantastic course and very well suited to beginners such as myself. The tutor was thorough and passionate which always leads to enjoyment.

Guy Etchell, Canon EOS 1100D

My camera and voucher were a Christmas gift. I really enjoy taking pictures of my family and wanted to do a canvas print of my children. The course has given me a better understanding of my camera and all the settings that could improve my photography. Enjoyed course very much and would recommend.

Teresa Jimenez, Nikon D3100

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