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We are excited to announce Anthony Outhwaite as the winner of our “London Through Your Eyes: A Unique Perspective” Photo Contest. Anthony’s captivating photograph of a modern architectural marvel in London showcases a fresh and artistic perspective of the city.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the participants for their inspiring entries and for sharing their unique views of London with us. Your creativity and passion for photography have truly enriched this contest.

Stay tuned! We’ll be revealing a fresh competition theme very soon!

Most Beautiful Places to Photograph in London

Anthony will receive a fantastic book: Photographing London – The Most Beautiful Places to Visit

I’ve recently had the privilege of sitting down with George to delve into his journey, his inspirations, and his unparalleled love for London. If you haven’t read the interview – it’s a must!

Link to the full interview: Discovering London Through the Lens of George Johnson

Photographing London - The Most Beautiful Places to Visit

Anthony Outhwaite – 1st place

Anthony Outhwaite - photography London

One more picture from Anthony!

Anthony Outhwaite - photography London

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one day photography courses in London - photo classes

Selected pictures from all received.

Paco Sanz

Paco Sanz photography

Daniela Hladka

Daniela Hladka photography

Amanda Carr

Amanda Carr photography
Amanda Carr photography

Martin Howe

Martin Howe photography

Alan Cartwright

Alan Cartwright photography

Marine Peremans

Marine Peremans photography

Michael Seizanis

Michael Seizanis photography

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