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Hi Everyone!

It’s time to let your creativity shine once again! We’re thrilled to announce the June edition of our monthly photo competition, focusing on the captivating art of portrait photography. This is your chance to capture the essence and emotion of the human spirit through your lens.

The theme for this month’s competition isPortraits: Revealing Inner Beauty.” We encourage you to explore the diverse facets of human expression, whether it be capturing a genuine smile, a contemplative gaze, or a moment of vulnerability. Show us the power of portraits to communicate and connect.

If you want to learn and practice Portrait Photography – we are preparing a couple of special workshops, and I will send an email with the dates soon!

Rob will be running a street/travel portrait photography class packed with tips on how to approach and take portraits of strangers. Plus, how to use a  speedlight.

Aga – will focus on finding the best light for outdoor family portraits, beauty and headshots.

Below are three portraits I captured recently during my travels in Panama and Costa Rica

The winner will receive a fantastic photography book –
Understanding Portrait Photography: How to Shoot Great Pictures of People.

We’ll choose and publish on the website a selection of our favourite images.

We are looking forward to seeing your entries!!!

If you have any trouble with submitting your images, please get in touch!

It is easy to enter, and the competition is open to everyone. Entry closes on 6th July 2023.

Please email your best pictures (3 max) to [email protected]

We will notify the winners by 15th July 2023.

We also have a Pinterest board for your inspiration!

Roland Pokrywka

Professional photographer passionate about capturing the beauty of nature, landscapes, and travel —