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L1ghtb1tes #20: interview with photographer Tamas Dezso

L1ghtb1tes #20: Tamás Dezső takes us on a time travel through Romania and Hungary. Medium format digital photography (amazing!) and stunning, meticulous attention to every single pixel.GL: I always look for pictures that talk to me. Often I don’t really know how or why, but they talk. There are many pictures in Tamás Dezső’s Romanian series that spoke to me more than the photo of the boy in the bearskin. When he suggested that we talk about this image I wanted to know why. No matter...
Matt Molloy timelapse photography

‘Time Stuck’ – beautiful timelapse sky photography by Matt Molloy

Matt Molloy is a Canadian photographer behind a beautiful sky photography set called 'Time Stack'. Matt, by merging hundreds of separate timelapse sky shots is able to achieve an amazing brush-like effect and his images look very much like work of an impressionism artist. To find out more about his passion for photography and his fascinating technique we asked Matt for an interview.AW: Matt how long have you been interested in photography? Is it something you studied or self-taught? MM:I...
Andrew Miksys - photographer

L1ghtb1tes #18: interview with photographer Andrew Miksys

L1ghtb1tes #18: Andrew Miksys and his unique medium-format colour pictures from a small town disco in Lithuania. A 10-year project that takes you on a time travel whether you want it or not.GL: How did you meet this girl in this disco that more than anything looks like a set from a David Lynch movie? AM: The problem with photography is that you never know what’s going to work in a picture and what’s not. I find it impossible to plan a good photograph. It’s more about getting into...