Meet Our Team

Qualified, passionate and with a broad range of professional experience in the industry, our team will make your learning fun, challenging and rewarding!

Agnieszka King

Aga has tremendous passion and talent for photojournalism photography. But her inherent feminine perspective also lends her a particular flair for child and family portraiture, both in the studio and on location.

Aga is also the company’s business manager and liaises closely with all our clients and photography students.

György László MA Cinematography

György is a cinematographer and photographer of more years in these industries than he cares to remember. A former linguist, he is a graduate of one of the top ten schools for cinematographers, the Film and Television School FAMU in Prague, the Czech Republic.

However, as a visual artist, he doesn’t believe much in titles. If you’re interested in his work as a filmmaker, visit his homepage or have a look at his documentary photography on Instagram.

György is our most senior teacher, he has been with us since 2012 and has taught close to 4000 students during that time.

Katerina Iacovides MA Graphic Design

Katerina is a photographer who specializes in product and portrait photography.

With a background in graphic design, Katerina is an experienced photographer and re-toucher.

Her work appearing in many magazines such as Trend Prive Magazine, Art of the Portrait Magazine, Elle Magazine, Professional Jewellers Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Kultur Magazine, IMIRAGE Magazine, Boutique Magazine and Attire Accessories Magazine.

Her freelancing has allowed her to shoot a vast range of imagery which includes fashion, fashion accessories, clothing, homeware, cosmetics, packaging, food and jewellery.

Working with DSLR Photography Courses, Katerina has trained photographers working for amazing brands such as Russel and Bromley, Fair Trade, Historic Places, Harvey Nichols, B&Q, Gems of London and The Design Museum.

Katerina Iacovides - photographer London