Creative Flower Photography with Polina Plotnikova

Creative Flower Photography is a very special course for those who love fine art photography and are fascinated by the beauty of flowers. It is a rare opportunity to learn from a true master of flower photography Polina Plotnikova ARPS EFIAP.

Polina has won numerous national and international awards for her photographs, and during the workshop she will showcase her impressive flower portraits and share the methods she uses to obtain them.

Polina describes her approach to flower photography as “somewhat similar to that of a portrait photographer – for every flower and plant that I photograph, I always try to find its unique look, study its mood and character, and ultimately unlock the hidden beauty of my models”.

While appreciating the natural beauty of plants and trying to stay true to their original look, Polina does not limit her point of view to purely botanical. Instead, she tries “to lift a flower off its typical setting and put it into indeterminate space, where its beauty can be seen in all its purity”.

Creative Flower Photography with Polina Plotnikova

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Date Day Time Course Places Price
09 Feb 2020Sunday10:00 am - 4:00 pm4£199.00Sign up

Great Photography Experience!

This one day highly practical workshop takes place at Wimbledon Art Studios, in South-West London.

Please note places are limited to 6 attendees only.

If you can not attend on Sunday 4th February 2018, please get in touch (email: or call 020 8947 8118) as we might schedule an additional workshop on Saturday 24th Febraury.

What to expect on the day?

The course is a stimulating combination of presentations, practice and discussions.
During the first part of the course, Polina will showcase her portfolio and cover the technical aspects of studio flower photography.
Next will be a guided practice, image revision and individual feedback.

Course outline in more detail:

  • Introduction to studio lighting and technical aspects of fine art flower photography
  • using studio equipment, light controllers, softboxes and reflectors
  • setting up professional flash lighting system and attachments
  • Polina’s favourite lighting setups and techniques
  • camera settings for studio photography
  • advice on setting up a home studio
  • practical lens guide and how to achieve desired creative effect
  • introduction to Lensbaby lenses for still life and flowers
  • the art of good photography composition
  • the focus stacking technique and Helicon Focus software
  • tips on post-processing images in Adobe Photoshop.

At the end of the day not only you will gain confidence for shooting in a studio environment, but you will also walk away with some great images for your portfolio.


It is assumed that those attending will have a basic knowledge of photography and have an understanding of aperture, shutter speeds and exposure, or have already attended our Beginners DSLR or an Intensive DSLR courses.

Suggested equipment

Any camera that allows full manual control (M on program dial). A DSLR is recommended, however, most of the mirrorless compact systems / micro-four-thirds and bridge cameras should also be suitable.
If in doubt, please email us with your camera make and model and we will double check its suitability. Please follow this link to the contact form.

Course key facts
Creative flower photography
all levels of skill and experience
Group size
06 students
optimal tutor attention
6 hours
10:00am – 4:00pm
Wimbledon Art Studios10 Riverside Yard
Riverside Road
London SW17 0BB
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Date Day Time Course Places Price
09 Feb 2020Sunday10:00 am - 4:00 pm4£199.00Sign up
About Polina Plotnikova

Polina is a Russian-born UK-based photographer, whose distinctive and much-admired photographic style developed through her love and knowledge of art.

Her view is that modern technology equips you with some amazing tools that the artists of the past could never have dreamed of.

Polina worked in Image Libraries for over 10 years, dealing with images produced by the most successful commercial and fine art photographers.

One of her favourite subjects is flower photography.

Polina Plotnikova - fine art flower photography