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Join our ‘London Through Your Eyes’ photo contest in October! Capture the city’s essence and share your unique perspective.

This October, let’s celebrate the beauty of London in the embrace of autumn! The theme for our photography competition is ‘London Through Your Eyes’. We’re looking for photographs that showcase the vibrant hues of the city this season. From the rich colours of autumn flowers and falling leaves to the refreshing rain creating reflections in puddles, every aspect that highlights London’s autumnal beauty is welcome.

Yes, ok, the weather might be a bit unpredictable, but that’s what makes it even more exciting! Rain can add a dramatic and fresh dimension to your photographs, making the colours pop and creating mesmerizing reflections. So, don’t let the rain deter you; instead, use it to your advantage to capture London in a different light.

beginners photography course - Putney Bridge

Putney Bridge at Sunrise – silhouette technique

Your images can feature anything from the city’s iconic landmarks adorned with autumn leaves to hidden gems bathed in the soft, golden light of a fall afternoon. It’s all about capturing the essence of London as it is transformed by the changing season. Show us London through your eyes, and let your photographs tell the story of the city’s autumnal allure.

Competition Details

The competition runs throughout the month of October, with the closing date set for the 31st of October.

Please email your best pictures (3 max) to [email protected]

Remember to name your images, e.g. Steve-Johnson-01.jpg

Winners will be notified by the 15th of November.

Dive into the heart of London and showcase its beauty through your lens!

night photography course in London - learn how to photograph silhouettes

Tower of London at Sunset – silhouette technique

Prize Alert! 🎁

The winner will be awarded “Photographing London – The Most Beautiful Places to Visit” by George Johnson. This book is a gem for every photographer!

This guidebook, penned by an award-winning local, beautifully marries London’s iconic landmarks with its hidden corners.

With over 400 detailed locations, it’s more than just a guide—it’s an inspiration. From grand sites to secret gardens, Johnson’s insights ensure every shot captures the heart of London. It’s been a personal favourite of mine in exploring and photographing the city, and I believe it’ll be an invaluable companion for our competition winner too.

Photographing London - The Most Beautiful Places to Visit

Street Photography Course

Consider joining our upcoming Street Photography Course – on Saturday 28th of October. It’s a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills and capture those unique London moments. This special edition will take you through the vibrant lanes of Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane, offering countless moments of life, color, and unique stories waiting to be captured through your lens.

Night Photography Course

Don’t miss the chance to explore the magic of London at night with our Night Photography Workshop on Wednesday 11th October with Katerina. Wander through the iconic South Bank and Embankment areas, learning the art of capturing stunning night-time images. Katerina’s expertise will guide you in mastering the technical aspects and creative nuances of night photography, ensuring you take home mesmerizing images of London bathed in lights.

Creative Photography Practice

And we have a special edition of our Creative Practice Class on Sunday 22nd October. This 3-hour hands-on session in central London is designed to refine your skills and ignite your creativity. Explore various aspects of photography, from composition to finding the best light, and learn how to visualize and create compelling images. This class is not just a learning experience; it’s a space where your creativity will flourish, and your passion for photography will reach new heights.

Special Announcement

Stay tuned for a unique opportunity! We’re collaborating with a renowned Blue Badge London tourist guide for a special creative walk, “From Romans to Rodgers.” Traverse through 2,000 years of architecture in the City of London. From ancient Roman remnants to modern skyscrapers, this guided photographic journey promises to be enlightening.

The competition is open to everyone.

Please email your best pictures (3 max) to [email protected]

Remember to name your images, e.g. Steve-Johnson-01.jpg

We will notify the winners by 15th November 2023.

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