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The one day photography course was excellent.

Creative part was very interesting and it was good to get the basic theoretical part to get the understanding of dslr photography.

I would definitely recommend this course to other photography enthusiast in London.

David Barker (Canon EOS 550D)

This one day photography course helped consolidate knowledge I already had and also I learnt lots of new techniques that I hadn’t realised I could do.

It was well taught and with great enthusiasm. Nice being only 6 of us. It made it more inclusive and intimate.

It was great value and I’d recommend your course. I will hopefully come back for more.

Even though my camera is not SLR it’s certainly enough for me to confidently use the features of the bridge camera and now I might be brave enough to get a DSLR.

Jenny Butler (Panasonic Lumix G2)

I learnt about depth of field – focusing on different depths. Motion blur – moving the background but not the subject. Playing with light.

I learnt a lot about the background of photography and why some photos work and some don’t.

Good size of the class – only 6 students. I would recommend the course.

Anabel Sharratt (Nikon D7000)

The intensive one day photography course is very informative (perhaps too much info) but its good!

The creative techniques help to illustrate points, perhaps more could be used to explain the basics. I have learnt that time and light are important but am still unclear on many points and I will definitely need to read up when I get home to try to understand.

The course itself is a good value. And 25% discounts are offered on follow up courses.

Lina Nicolaou (Canon EOS 600D)

Very well explained and I enjoyed the day. Now I am much more confident with manual modes.

I think it was well organised. Group size was good – easy to get to know each other.

I would recommend the course to friends, even though it was a long trip from Wales. We have turned the course into a long weekend.

Chris Matthews (Pentax K200)

The course had excellent description of key areas and very engaging presenter. I liked the ad hoc composition section as a result of a question. I was not made to feel stupid for knowing nothing at the start, it really helped.

Suzanne Barker (Canon EOS 550D)

One Day Photography Course in London

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