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Excellent DSLR HD Video Course – great content and instructions. Covered theory and application. One to one was a bonus! Magic lantern installation was very useful. Dynamic range, lighting, movement, focussing, location improvisation – all great!

I now need to discover: sound, storyboarding and editing, but mainly – practice!

Richard Sargeant (Canon EOS 550D)

DSLR HD Video Course

Learn the principles of videography and how to correctly operate an HD SLR camera and shoot a good-looking video. Get stared today!

dslr hd video course - learn principles of videography and how to control video exposure, camera aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity

Roland Pokrywka

My transition from web design to photography started about 15 years ago, after my first trip to Central America. Disappointed with pictures in auto, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to use the camera to its full potential in manual mode and improve my photography. Website: