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Fantastic photography course for beginners – I can’t believe how much we learnt in 1 day and how much we didn’t know about using our camera.

Good mix of essential theory and practice considering the weather. Great value, especially with promotional rate.

Friendly and approachable forum. Highly recommended!

Tara and Stefan Goldblatt (Canon EOS 650D)

Great course, learnt a lot!

Heavy in parts on theory but absolutely needed to know and understand what you are doing later!

Good value for an intensive course.

Palvi Bodani (Nikon D3100)

I learnt the basic principles of photography and how to use the camera and its settings.There was enough hands on activities and creative techniques were very enjoyable.

It was a good value for money and I would recommend the course to beginners.

Smita Parag (Canon EOS 550D)

I thought it was very informative and helpful course for beginners, and fun too!!

I would recommend it to all photography enthusiasts!!

Suzanne Bell (Nikon D3200)

I have learnt the basics of photography, like aperture, shutter speed, white balance, depth of field and how to use my camera in fully manual mode.

Because of the weather we had to stay indoors, but still had plenty of activities and enough of props.

Cristina Araguz (Canon EOS 550D)

It was a very good course and value. I learnt a lot about the shutter and aperture and what does numbers on display mean.

The only drawback was the weather.

Nuria Mila

I have learnt all about AV/TV, how to use the settings to your own need, rather than rely on the preset camera icons.

It’s a great value and I would recommend it.

Stephen Bell (Canon EOS 500D)

There was a good amount of activities that helped to explain the basics of photography and techniques.

I learnt all about Aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

This course is a very good value and I would recommend it to all!

Greg Riches (Canon EOS 550D)

Photography Course for Beginners

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