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In one day Jason turned what was purely theoretical to actual. The approach, teaching style and atmosphere worked for me 100%.

Excellent value for money.

Would recommend!

Jason Waxman (Nikon D700)

I particularly liked that the course is so well structured. Through simple and familiar to everyone metaphors the teacher made it perfectly clear what are the basics of a camera mechanics as well as photography. Practical exercises made it all fall into place.

Excellent value. Would definitely recommend it to anybody who would like to understand their camera beyond the auto mode.

Dasha Belyaeva (Canon EOS 5D)

I’ve learnt from basic principles of photography to technicalities of how to use a digital camera. Great activities and enjoyable creative techniques throughout all the course.

I would definitely recommend this photography course and I believe it is good value.

Pablo Sisca (Canon EOS 350D)

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Photography Course London - 9th January 2013

Photography Course London 9th January 2013

Photography Course London 9th January 2013

Roland Pokrywka

My transition from web design to photography started about 15 years ago, after my first trip to Central America. Disappointed with pictures in auto, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to use the camera to its full potential in manual mode and improve my photography. Website: