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Aperture, shutter speed, manual technique programming, priority was learnt as well as auto focus and manual focus. There were just the right amount of hands on activities in conjunction with the basic theory of photography to put everything into context.

Everything was explained clearly and consequently at a steady pace to allow you to absorb the information. I throughly enjoyed the creative techniques and was pleasantly surprised at how easy all programmes were to use.

I would definitely recommend this course to friends and family.

£99 is pretty good value, I think!

Diane Appiah

It demystified the process of digital photography and with the practical elements of the course it provides appropriate opportunities to put the theory into practice and bring it all the life.

The pace of the course was just right and all our questions were answered with expertise but at the right level.

Highly recommended!

Terry Henderson

I’ve leant about how to control exposure, and the science behind how a dslr camera works. The creative activities were a great help to practice and to grasp the concepts hands on. I will definitely recommend this course to all my friends! It was good value for money too!

Stefan Taylor

This course gave me the confidence to take off ‘auto’ – after 10 long years. I really understand now all the variables involved in fully manual photography.

Nice group size!

Alan Davidson

The language and basic principles putting into practice what you’re just learnt is the most enjoyable way to learn and more importantly retain.

I’d definitely recommend Jason to my friends and did find the course great value for money.

Many thanks for today!

Amanda Voller

I felt that I learnt as much as possible for 1-day course. I think it covered all the basics necessary to start being creative with photography. I particularly enjoyed the activities at the end of the day where we could put into practice what we had learnt. I am definitely leaving with a much better understanding of how an SLR works and can’t wait to start practicing.

Taryn Jacoby

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intensive photography course for beginners in London 6th January 2013

Roland Pokrywka

My transition from web design to photography started about 15 years ago, after my first trip to Central America. Disappointed with pictures in auto, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to use the camera to its full potential in manual mode and improve my photography. Website: