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Excellent course, that provided me with all the information I was looking for to enable me to take my photography to the next level.

Highly recommended!

Jordan Adair (Canon EOS 400D)

Lots of basic information about the camera and functions. Good mix of theory and creative practice. Would definitely recommend this course to other photography enthusiasts. The January offer price of £49 was very good value!

Susan Johnson (Canon EOS 450D)

The beginners photography course was really good. I can now use my camera out of the auto mode and can’t really wait to get out and play with it. Thank you for your time!

Cindy-Leigh Harper (Canon EOS 600D)

Fantastic beginners photography course with lost of hands-on activities and great examples of creative techniques. My focusing really improved, and I know now what and how to change it to achieve what I really want in my photograph, not the camera deciding it for me. I hope I’ve got the idea of shutter and aperture too. Practice will make it perfect!

Sam Chapman (Nikon D5000)

I have learnt how to use my camera more effectively and to use the manual, aperture, shutter speed settings so that I can now take my camera off the ‘auto’ setting. I have learnt about the different ways of changing the light coming into the camera too.
I enjoyed being able to practice during the class and doing the activities at the end was a great way of understanding the extremes of the different settings.

Venetia Tucker (Nikon D3100)

Great photography course – good examples, good exercises, well explained, not patronising, but a lot to take in as a complete beginner!

Nicola Gilchrist (Canon EOS 550D)

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