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Fab course!! Gave me a good understanding of the functions required to do ‘manual’ photography.
I am keen to get my camera out now and shoot away using all settings on the camera.
Will be back for more courses!

Sarah Finnerty

Great photography course for a complete novice like myself with no basic knowledge!
I now feel confident to go on nothing but manual and experiment with aperture and shutter only, and practice to get the perfect picture.

Dinta Patel

I learnt how to use the basic functions of my particular camera, how to use light, the theory of aperture, exposure and a little composition and then put this into practice.
It was very enjoyable, Jason was very patient and had a lighthearted approach to it.
I would definitely recommend this photography course to friends, and it was excellent value for money too.

Kate Packford

I learnt how to use the camera in the programme modes (A,S). I am now able to use the fully manual mode. I am capable to correct my exposure and know how to handle different types of light, and which aperture to use and where.
Initially I used my camera purely in the automatic mode however now I am able to use a lot more functions of the camera.
The last couple of hours really pulled everything I have learnt together.
A thoroughly good course, very informative and fun!

Chris Harvey

We learnt the relationship between Aperture + ISO + Shutter speed amongst many other things, such as metering.
We looked at White Balance, and the main modes of the camera.
The instructor is exceptionally knowledgeable, and explains himself very well. I would definitely recommend this photography course to beginners with DSLR’s.
I would like some more exercises + maybe the chance to discuss settings for more real world shots, eg. people + landscapes.

Stephen Tayue

Roland Pokrywka

Professional photographer passionate about capturing the beauty of nature, landscapes, and travel —