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Fantastic! I did not think I was going to achieve as much as I have in a 1-day course. All the principles taught in in-narrative easy to understand exercises. All the buttons / lingo which once baffled me have now made sense and I feel the money I spent an the DSLR is now worth its value.
Thank you!

Sharleen Hill

Course turned out to be very interesting, enjoyed it from start to the end. Learned a lot about technical details of cameras and the science behind photography. Loved the creative techniques section, especially the light effects. Hopefully will be joining an intermediate level course soon.

I will say course is highly recommended and excellent learning experience. The price I paid and the amount of things I learned is amazing. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

Marium Shaham

Great value, very good range of skills / subjects etc covered for a day course. Good number of people. I would recommend this course to people who are wanting to understand all the functions on their camera. Especially if they already play around on it.

Hannah Churchill

It was great, I learned a couple of new techniques beyond the norm – previously I understood the use of AV and TC settings but not the relationship triangle between TV, AV + ISO. Could have done with slightly more practice on manipulation but in a one day course that was always to be the case and just means I have to go and practice.

Covered flash briefly and that was a key part of what I wanted to get out of it, but that gave me a real eye opener!

Iain McPhee

Roland Pokrywka

My transition from web design to photography started about 15 years ago, after my first trip to Central America. Disappointed with pictures in auto, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to use the camera to its full potential in manual mode and improve my photography. Website: