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I learned so much more about light and how to compensate for it or luck of it. I learned a great deal about the functions on my camera.
It was all very enjoyable, but things usually are when you are learning!
Plenty to do and ‘yes’ – I would recommend this course to others … and I will!
I got value for money today!

Paul Miles

The course gave me the ability to use the camera in confidence in manual mode. Knowing the link between ISO, shutter speed and aperture will undoubtedly help me take much better photos.
Knowing how to change the settings for the environment will really help.
There was plenty of hands on stuff and I would definitely recommend this photography course to others.

Mark Sibson

Roland Pokrywka

My transition from web design to photography started about 15 years ago, after my first trip to Central America. Disappointed with pictures in auto, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to use the camera to its full potential in manual mode and improve my photography. Website: