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Beginners DSLR Photography Course review

Beginners Photography Course review – 12/02/2013

The course was very good and I learned all the most important functions of my Nikon camera. I would definitely recommend this course to all photography enthusiasts. Great value!! Anna Berry (Nikon D3200)Excellent photography course for beginners. Very knowledgeable course teacher, and good mix of theory and hands on practice. I would definitively recommend this course to others. I learned a huge amount. Great value! Julianne Miles (Canon EOS 600D)I’ve learned a lot about my camera...
Photography Course for Beginners in London - 24th January 2013

Photography Course for Beginners review – 24/01/2013

A very informative and practical photography course for beginners. A lot of passion for photography from the lecturer - made the course fun and educational. I learnt a lot about my camera, photography - terminology, lighting, optics, focus, creativity...lots! I would recommend this course to other beginners and it was definitely good value at the Jan 2013 discounted rate. Sam Thandi (Canon EOS 650D)Excellent photography course for beginners. Aperture, depth, sensitivity, overexposure and...
Photography One to One Tuition - 5th November 2012

One to One Photography Tuition – 05/11/2012

I learnt a lot from Jason – my instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the tuition as I learnt a lot of really good tricks and how to be more creative with my photography. All I have to do now is practice! No more auto for me! I will recommend this course to my friends an I will definitely be back for some more advanced courses. See you soon!!!

Avinash Shrestha (Canon EOS 7D)
Digital SLR Photography Course in London

Digital SLR Photography Course – 03/10/2012

I learned so much more about light and how to compensate for it or luck of it. I learned a great deal about the functions on my camera. It was all very enjoyable, but things usually are when you are learning! Plenty to do and 'yes' - I would recommend this course to others ... and I will! I got value for money today!Paul MilesThe course gave me the ability to use the camera in confidence in manual mode. Knowing the link between ISO, shutter speed and aperture will undoubtedly help me...
DSLR Photography Course for Beginners

DSLR Photography Course for Beginners – 29/09/2012

Fab course!! Gave me a good understanding of the functions required to do 'manual' photography. I am keen to get my camera out now and shoot away using all settings on the camera. Will be back for more courses!Sarah FinnertyGreat photography course for a complete novice like myself with no basic knowledge! I now feel confident to go on nothing but manual and experiment with aperture and shutter only, and practice to get the perfect picture.Dinta PatelI learnt how to use the basic...
Digital SLR Photography Course for Beginners in London

Digital SLR Photography Course – 5th May 2012

I came with zero knowledge so the learning was a bonus. Impressed with how much fits in a day. It was a cloudy day, but definitely enough outdoor hands-on activities. Good balance of theory and practice. Creative techniques - fun. Yes, I’d recommend the course for beginners. Would love a “next” course. My particular interest is studio shots. Good value. Jenni CarbinsI got a good understanding of how to set-up & control the camera in a wide range of light conditions. Very...
Digital SLR Photography Course for Beginners in London

Digital SLR Photography Course – 2nd May 2012

Learned the manual mode. So, no more photography in auto mode for me from today. Also like the detailed and in depth purpose of exposure, shutter ad aperture. Enjoyed the outdoors and indoor photography. Really liked the flash photography. Will surely recommend this course to my friends and family. Worth every penny! Amit NeemaI really enjoyed the course Jason. I came here today with absolutely no knowledge of how to use my DSLR camera - now I can’t wait to spend the day out putting into...