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We’re excited to finally unveil the results of our ‘Furry Friends Paws & Claws‘ photography competition! We know you’ve been eagerly waiting, and we appreciate your patience.

A massive round of applause for Taryn Danford, who has clinched the top spot with one of her fantastic entries. Bravo, Taryn!

A big thank you to everyone who took part. We received some very interesting and funny images; thus, I sometimes included two entries from the same person.

Stay tuned! We’ll be revealing a fresh competition theme next week. Keep those cameras primed and ready. We’re eager to see where your creativity takes you next!

Taryn will receive a fantastic book – Wildlife Photography at Home: Take Great Photos in Your Own Backyard

Take Better Pictures!

Taryn Danford – 1st place

Title: Gus

About: Gus is a 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback / Lab. He is a retired service dog. I took this photo on Pender Island, in British Columbia, Canada. While too old to run and play, Gus loves to supervise others playing at his local park – while closely guarding his beloved ball. The blurred background and sharp focus of the image emphasise his soulful eyes and attentive look, capturing his personality as a gentle giant perfectly.

One more picture from Taryn!

Selected pictures from all received.

Miriam Spalla

Miriam Spalla - dog photography

Kacey Best

Kacey Best - dog photography

Ben Brice

Ben Brice - dog photography
Ben Brice - dog photography

Colin Moore

Colin Moore - funny cat photography
Colin Moore - funny cat photography

Martin Milton

Martin Milton - cat photography

Razan Al Hadid

Razan Al Hadid - cat photography

Karen Hewis

Karen Hewis - fox photography
Karen Hewis - bird photography

Amanda Carr

bird photography
Squirrel photography

Jenni Carvell

Jenni Carvell - bird photography
Jenni Carvell - squirrel photography

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