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Dear students past and present,

2015 was a wonderful year for us at DSLR Photography Courses and 2016 will be even better!

We are proud to be a humble collective of creatives that started with founding members web designer Roland Pokrywka and photographers Jason Pierce-Williams and Agnieszka Williams. Over the years, cinematographer and photographer György László later joined us, and photographer Katerina Iacovides became another welcomed team member.

2015 saw the addition of photographer Edo Zollo. Originally from Italy, Edo chose to make London his home and centre of his creativity 14 years ago. Photography was a part of his childhood and he has many fond memories carrying his dad’s camera bag and helping him load film on shoots. Edo’s personal work centres around the emotion and drama of street photography. His patience and temperament often pay off to capture sensational natural moments. With tearsheets that include features for The Guardian and The Daily Mail, his industry knowledge is invaluable.

For more information about Edo, please visit his website.

Call Edo

Studio Coordinator Luke Das is a more recent arrival to the team. His background in performing arts photography means he is often surrounded by passionate and motivated individuals. Luke’s work features some of the top young performers from the London area and he is proud to consider many of them as treasured colleagues and friends. At DSLR Photography Courses, Luke will assist with the running of the courses and encourage the growth of our photographic community.

For samples of Luke’s photography, please visit his website.

Old Kent Road - Luke Das

2016 promises to be another eventful year for DSLR Photography Courses. From January we will start running our action packed Photo Club package. Our core courses are a solid foundation to develop your photographic skills independently, however, many of you have enquired about courses that you can do with us to build on your abilities. We will feature regular Photo Club Tutorials that will showcase our tutors areas of expertise and yours too. Watch out for the following very soon.

  • High Dynamic Range Photography with György László
  • Experimental Portraiture with Katerina Iacovides
  • Hidden Worlds – Macro Photography with Katerina Iacovides
  • Creative Lighting Workshop with Jason Pierce-Williams
  • Painting With Light – Long Exposure Photography with Edo Zollo

2016 will also see the arrival of our Masterclass format. These are exclusive events with our tutors and external photographers. Each are seasoned professionals in their respective industries. Their masterclasses will offer insight into their personal process, techniques specific to their genre, exclusive content and giveaways. Keep an eye out for these masterclasses throughout 2016.

  • Street Photography with Mike Kemp
  • Night Photography with Edo Zollo
  • Fashion Photography with Emma-Jane Lewis
  • Black and White Photography with Jason Pierce-Williams
  • Dance Photography with Luke Das

We wish you a lovely festive season and be sure to take your camera everywhere with you.

Please email us your work and to enquire about our Photo Club and Masterclasses. We look forward to shooting with you in 2016!

Best wishes

The DSLR Photography Team

[Main photo: Courtesy of Katerina Iacovides]
Roland Pokrywka

Professional photographer passionate about capturing the beauty of nature, landscapes, and travel —