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Very enjoyable Nikon photography course! I learnt aperture and shutter speed and ISO and how to use my DSLR camera.

Basic informative instructions with teacher but not overwhelming explanations.

Great demonstration and good amount of hands on activities with constrictive guidance and positive feedback.

It was a great value and I would definitely recommend it. I should have done it sooner!

David Keosheerian (Nikon D3000)

I learned not to be afraid of the manual settings! It was explained in a fairly simple way and I was glad to not be bombarded with too much technical info. It was a shame we couldn’t go outside due to bad weather but the indoor techniques were useful.

I found the tutors very friendly and welcoming and would recommend this course!

Louise Jones (Nikon D3000)

I learnt a lot about basics of DSLR photography. Being completely unaware of what aperture or shutter speed are, the course certainly made a lot of sense. Hands on activities gave more exposure by doing things practically and checking the various results myself. If a friend is interested I would surely recommend the course.

Megha Macwan (Nikon D5100)

I learnt about the shutter speed and aperture settings on my Nikon camera. This was great stuff for me as it help me move up from auto. I now don’t feel so scared to use manual, what looked hard and I have realized the settings are quite simple.

There was plenty of hands on activities and felt at ease to take as many pictures as I wanted.

I especially enjoyed the depth of field technique. This will give me a lot of practice when I am out with my camera.

I would definitely refer this course to a friend and will be very happy to come back for the other courses.

Thank you very much to Gyuri our teacher.

Graham Dawson (Nikon D5100)

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