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I would absolutely recommend this course to friends.
It was really informative, interesting and helpful. I felt engaged the whole day with enough practical activities as the balance between this and theory was really well thought out. (Despite there being a lot to take in!) I am a visual learner & appreciated the slides exemplifying particular points . Although I feel a bit apprehensive about some areas (eg. f2 etc) I feel equipped to go out and have a go, venture away from AUTO! Ofsted grading 1! Very good work gold star!

Katie Camp

Lots! Made me want to learn / practice more.
There was enough activities.
I would recommend this course.
Good value. Fun day.
Thank you for lending me the camera.
Made me want to buy a DSLR camera when I have the money.

Sioned Jeffs

Really helpful to have the ‘homework’ in advance as it meant we were all prepared and knew what to expect.
Course was pretty full on but taken at a speed where you could keep up and practical demos were good to fix techniques into your mind.
Creative techniques were fun.
I would recommend the course to friends – sooner rather then later in their SLR journey as it really opens up the world.
Great value for money compared to a 6 week night school class where you would spend a lot of time re-capping previous weeks.

Sue Bullock

Found the course more then I expected. I have now got confidence to go away and try techniques on my own. Discovered that the camera can do so much or rather what I can do with the skills learnt. Hands on activities were not daunting and made fun by Jason. Definitely recommend the course to others both for enjoyment and value.

Toni Lewiston

The course was very informative, it helped me to better understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, along with setting up shots where there are 2 different brightness levels and shooting for the area needed.
The setting up of the white balance was also very helpful, as I had experimented with it before, but without really knowing what I was doing and getting not great results.
The “Thirds” picture was a great help on how to think about the picture you’re taking and I think it will improve the shots I take, as well as the experience on changing how the flash influenced the subject.
Overall a great course, and I would definitely recommend to someone who was interested in getting into photography.

Jon Leigh

Roland Pokrywka

Professional photographer passionate about capturing the beauty of nature, landscapes, and travel —