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There was a perfect balance of theory and hands-on activities. I enjoyed the fact that we tried out in praxis everything we learned.

I got much clearer picture about the possibilities and more control over the camera and can’t wait to go out there and try and experiment with everything we learned.

Leela Jesus Vignolli (Canon EOS 5D)

It was good basic course to know-how features of a) Principles of Photography b) Use them in your camera.

I would definitely recommend this course to my friends. Hope I get some further discounts too for your future courses.

The thing I enjoyed the most is making me understand the BASICS which is a big deal for me.

Paresh Puthran (Nikon D3100)

Great value course. Good overview of what the camera can achieve if you know how to use it properly – my pictures will definitely be better now.

Great details in most important areas too and all questions answered.

Helen Catton (Nikon D7000)

The biggest achievement was now I am able to take the pictures technically and not by wit and trial. Hands-on activities were good and I did enjoy the day. I would definitely recommend this photography course to friends.

Saurabh Kalra (Canon EOS 600D)

Very insightful and interesting. Lots of theory, would like more practical but weather was unforgiving.

Jade Bremner (Olympus E-30)

I learned how to control the flow of light through the lens by adjusting the shutter speed and the ISO. I also learned the importance of focus and how to change the focus modes.

Ray Richards (Canon EOS 600D)

intensive dslr photography course 29-12-2012
intensive dslr photography course 29-12-2012
Roland Pokrywka

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