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DSLRPHOTOGRAPHYCOURSES were very happy to have been involved in a long, busy, day of photography and photographic projection with the A level photography students from Falmers School in Gloucestershire.

It was manic but really good fun and educational and we are really hoping to develop these activities into a day-long portable package of professional photographic DSLR tuition which we can bring into classrooms across the country.


Was a brilliant day and we all learnt new techniques and different unique ways to take photographs

Daragh Smith

A useful and beneficial day that has inspired and helped me with my photography. Very friendly and kind staff

Lauren Bentley

It was a great, well taught and well structured day and I learned more about my camera and techniques

Bree Wooldridge

I learnt a lot on our visit about how my camera works. The light work was really good and the techniques I learnt helped me to make my AS coursework even better and also allowed me to be able to describe my photo shoots more technically

Sophie Smith

Photography Course for Falmers School

Visit our facebook page for more Falmers School students photos and photographic projections.

Roland Pokrywka

Professional photographer passionate about capturing the beauty of nature, landscapes, and travel —