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Very enjoyable photography course – completely took me through what I needed to know to move away from automatic mode. Well structured and fun!

Certainly explained all the novice confusing items that stop you progressing. ISO- AV- stops, aperture, exposure compensation and white balance.

Colin Kettley (Canon EOS 600D)

Great to get a basic understanding of the different settings – aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, composition and white balance.

I think there was the right balance between theory and hands on activity. It felt like a good pace for all levels and felt comfortable asking questions.

I would recommend it and I feel more confident about using my camera. I think it was a good value and great refreshments! Thanks!

Alice Carver (Olympus E-500)

I came away from today with an understanding of the aspects of photography, shutter speed, aperture and how time and light can be manipulated to create images.

I enjoyed playing with shutter speed and aperture to crate depth of field and how to blur.

I would recommend this course to friends. I learnt a lot in a day!

Katrina Baker (Nikon D3000)

It was a really useful course. It helped me find my way around my camera and learnt how to use shutter speed, aperture, S & A settings.

It’s quite an intense day, but I definitely felt I got a lot out of it.

The day wasn’t long enough to do lots of photography, but enough to get to grips with the concepts discussed.

Good size group. I will definitely recommend.

Stella Vincent (Nikon D3200)

I learnt a lot, could have been more image references for the hard to digest info, focal length, aperture, how the light goes into the camera etc.

It was great to handle old mechanical cameras to understand the photography before switching to digital

I would definitely recommend this course, its great value. Thanks!

India Tatham-Bank (Nikon D600)

I have learnt basic camera operation aperture, f stop, evaluating lighting conditions to be able to go away and practice.

I think I would have preferred a more studio based/practical approach rather than talking about everything first and then putting into practice.

I found the course very informative, and some specific information about photographing gardens was very useful. Thank you.

Julia Francis (Olympus E-410)

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Intensive DSLR Photography Course review London

Intensive DSLR Photography Course in London review

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