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Hi Everyone, a big thank you for submitting your pictures to our Rule of Thirds Photography competition!

The winning shot was awarded to Clair Butler (Instagram)Clair Butler photography. Congratulations!!!

Clair Butler - Rule of Thirds photography competition winner

Selected pictures from all submitted

Patrizia Pedace

Karen Brickley
Karen Brickley

Mark Tilbury

Ramzan Cirakoglu

Africa Mira
Africa Mira

Katie Greenwood

Renu Kumar

Sarah Woodward

Congratulations to all who submitted their entries!

It is really important to go out and practice. Our photography courses can give you all the technical knowledge but by far the best way to improve – is to practice!

For inspiration and to assist your further learning, we highly recommend these books:

The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman –
The Photographer Eye

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson –


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