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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for submitting images to the “Creative Silhouettes” photo competition!

This is one of my favourite techniques, so I had a final word on selecting the winner.

We all liked the pics, especially the black and white seascape by Alan Cartwright and a wide cat by Jane Stevenson, but in the end, I decided that the first place should go to Thea Piovano for the golden sunset silhouettes.

I guess everyone will see something different, but this photo looks very cinematic to me. The two people, the tree split into two, the setting sun, and the golden tones. It is a very nice picture. Well done!

Thea will receive a fantastic photography book – 52 Assignments: Photographic Exposure.

Thea Piovano – 1st place

“The picture was taken at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal (Russia), near the Shamanka rock, a very spiritual place. The title I’d give it to this picture is: “The old tree and the young woman”. I like the symmetry between the tree and the person, nature and human, both gazing at the sun, in that place so dense of spirituality.”

Selected images from all received:

Jane Stevenson

Jane Stevenson - silhouette photography

Alan Cartwright

Alan Cartwright - silhouette photography

Anthony Outhwaite

Anthony Outhwaite - silhouette photography

Deborah True

Deborah True - silhouette photography

Michael Seizanis

Michael Seizanis - silhouette photography

Ben Brice

Ben Brice - silhouette photography

Colin Moore

Colin Moore - silhouette photography

Jean Hopkins

Jean Hopkins - silhouette photography

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