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Hi Everyone, thank you for all the entries to the NEED FOR SPEED competition.

It proved to be a very popular theme again and we received a lot of entries.

The winning shot was awarded to Richard Hill – Congratulations!

Richard Hill – “Peloton”. The picture was taken in London on Victoria Embankment, shuter speed: 1/13, aperture: f14, ISO: 160, at 26mm (18-55mm kit lens). It was trial and error as the cyclists took laps of a race, and I fancied trying something a bit different to the standard pan as I was a bit too close to the action to for that to work out well.

Richard Hill winning image from the Need for Speed photography competition

Runner-up pictures

Emma Waddell – “Tea Party” – taken on a Canon 6D, shutter speed: 1/4000, aperture: f2.8

Grace Owen

Anne Bullen – “Red Arrows”

David Jacobson – “whizzing by” taken on a Fujifilm XT-1 with a 55-200 lens, November 2017 in Jaipur, India. The settings were aperture: f11, shutter speed: 1/60, ISO: 200

Iza Komisarska – “Florentine Evening Crowd”, Shutter speed: 2sec, Aperture: f/14, ISO 200

James Tatham

Karen Brickley – “Mind the Gap” – shutter speed: 1/6, aperture: f18, ISO 100, taken with Canon 550D and 18-55mm kit lens.

Congratulations to all who submitted their entries!

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