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Hi Everyone, it was another great month and we’ve received a lot of entries to our “Lovable Pets” contest.

The winning shot was taken by Emma Waddell of her dog Dylan, using a Nikon D90 with an 18-105mm lens (focal length: 50mm, exposure: 1/250sec, f/5.0, ISO 320)

Emma Waddell winner of June 2017 photo competition

The picture was taken on a cold and frosty morning on Wimbledon Common this spring. Dylan the labradoodle loves running through the long frost covered grass, so he doesn’t stay still for long, but I managed to snap him on a rare occasion when he stopped for a few seconds.

I love the fact that for once, he wasn’t covered in mud and the frost covered grass almost acts as a camouflage.

Second place went to Hilary Perkins, who took a picture of her son Ben and their springer spaniel Zenna.

Hilary used Canon EOS 650D with the 18-250mm lens, focal length: 43mm, exposure: 1/200sec, f/9, ISO 100

Hilary Perkins second place in photography competition

‘A puppy takes to paddle-boarding’. This photo was taken of Zenna’s first time on a paddle-board, she was eight months old. It was taken in Bembridge Harbour this June. For more pictures please visit Ben’s profiles on Instagram –
@naturalphotographyandwildlife and @springerspanielandguineapigs

Congratulations to all who submitted their entries!

It is really important to go out and practice. Our photography courses can give you all the technical knowledge but by far the best way to improve – is to practice!

For inspiration and to assist your further learning, we highly recommend these books:

Animal Soul by Robert Bahou –

and the series – Wildlife Photographer of the Year –  

Runner-up pictures

Kate Brunning

Rachel King

Michael Seizanis

Marija Nonkovic

Martin Floyd

Tony Penny

Roland Pokrywka

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