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I was given this Nikon photography course as christmas gift and have found it really useful. I’ve never been confident taking my DSLR off manual and this course has given me confidence to explore its full potential.

The methods of teaching were excellent. All the information delivered in easy to understand way.

The activities with the flashing lights were fun and unusual!

Mandy Chapman (Nikon D3100)

I learnt more about how to use my Nikon camera today than in the 3 years I’ve owned it. I now have a much better understanding of how my camera works, hopefully mean I can take better looking photos.

I would definitely recommend this course if like me you are a complete novice. Great value. I’ve learnt a lot!

Darren Seaton (Nikon D40)

Bought my camera a month ago and jumped in the deep end the next to try it out in Varanasi, India. Feedback from friends (generous) that I have a good eye but know I was really on auto ’pilot’ and baffled my manual settings.

This photography course has been a good introduction to how a Nikon camera actually works and tasks of ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. Learnt a lot and now I feel the urge to go out and practice what I’ve learnt. Inspiring.

Andy Dangerfield (Nikon D5100)

Good value photography course – has improved my hands-on skills and made me rethink my lens choice.

Vincent Green (Nikon D7000)

The course was informative and equipped me as a beginner to digital photography. I do feel personally that I would have been more effective if I took course in two parts. This is only because I am a complete novice to photography. I would definitely recommend this course all photography enthusiast like myself.

Adebola Ashiru (Nikon D7000)

Nikon Photography Course

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Nikon photography course for beginners in London

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