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Hi Everyone, that you for all the entries to The Colours of Autumn Photography competition and sharing it with friends.

The winning shot was awarded to Justine McNeil Justine used Nikon D50, (focal length: 100mm, exposure: 1/320sec, f/5.6)

“Battersea Autumn” – It was a beautiful cold autumn day with a crisp blue sky. The leaves were a perfect mix of colours and I was lucky to find there were very few people in the park. It felt like I could of been in the countryside and loved the fact London provides this beautiful sanctuaries of green spaces.

Justine McNeil winning image for the Colours of Autumn photography competition

Second place went to Oliver Tillard – “Autumn ceiling”

Oliver Tillard second place winner of the Colours of Autumn photography competition

Runner-up pictures

Chris Town – “Golden hour in the park”, Hyde Park.
Chris Town - photographer

Alan Cartwright – “Turning Leaf”.

I found the leaf in my garden and I took the photo in the lounge. The leaf, almost transparent in the sun, shows that perfect balance between the green of summer and the red of autumn.

Alan Cartwright

Martin Howe – “Autumn colours at Stourhead”, Stourhead in Wiltshire
Martin Howe - photographer

Sandra Owen – “Autumn journey”, Rocky Mountains in Canada
Sandra Owen

Maggi Marmion
“Don’t you just love Autumn”, taken in Gunnersbury Park, West London, Pentax K3 with Sigma 24-70 (f5.6, 1/250, ISO 100)
Maggi Marmion

Congratulations to all who submitted their entries!

It is really important to go out and practice. Our photography courses can give you all the technical knowledge but by far the best way to improve – is to practice!

For inspiration and to assist your further learning, we highly recommend these books:

The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman –
The Photographer Eye

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson –


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