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Yes, just a few weeks ago we finally launched our new website! and now we are back with the monthly photo competition!

If you haven’t visited our website recently – please have a look – browse some pages. Not everything is 100% finished (like Lightroom and Photoshop pages), but I would highly appreciate your feedback 🙂

Autumn – yes, beautiful colours! My favourite time to photograph nature, trees and flowers. Light is soft, colours are rich, and rain creates that special feel …

So the theme for the rest of October and November is “The Colours of Autumn“.

Capture the moment!! Warm golden sunrise, beautiful nature, the trees, the colours, the light, the rain, even simple things like reflections in the water…

Also, Autumn is a perfect time of the year for night photography. Sunset today is at 5:50pm. So we start the class at 5:30pm and will finish at 8:30pm. In July sunset is around 9:20pm, which means shooting until midnight, and I know that this will put a lot of people off…

Thus we are back with our Night Photography Courses in central London.

To inspire you, here are the links to the November Rain and Colourful Autumn Pinterest boards, but you are the artist, so feel free to experiment!

The winner will receive a fantastic book Nature Photography (52 Assignments) We’ll choose and publish a selection of our favourite images.

We are looking forward to seeing your entries!!!

If you would like to send your images but don’t know how to do it – please get in touch!

It is easy to enter, and the competition is open to everyone. Entry closes on 30th November 2022.

Please email your best pictures (3 max) to [email protected]

We will notify the winners by 15th December 2022.

Roland Pokrywka

Professional photographer passionate about capturing the beauty of nature, landscapes, and travel —