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night photography competition - results2020

Night Photography competition – winning entries

Hi Everyone, a big thank you for submitting your pictures to our Night Photography CompetitionThe winning shot was awarded to David Seale - Congratulations!And I am really sorry for posting the results so late...I got overwhelmed by all the problems associated with the Coronavirus outbreak. I had to postpone over 60 courses, email all the customers individually, come up with an interactive online version of our beginner classes while getting into terms with self-isolation... My...
photography competition portrait May 2020

Portrait Photography Competition May 2020

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all well. I was thinking a lot of what could be a good subject for the next competition, in these hard and challenging times... Coronavirus forced us all to stay at home, so my first ideas were closely related to domestic items we all have... or our pets, or nature, but not everyone has a dog or a cat, or access to a garden... the Government strict social distancing measures mean that we can only leave our homes to buy food or to exercise once a day. So I asked...