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winning portrait by photographer Chris Slack

Portrait – Photography Competition Winners Announced

A huge thank you to everyone for submitting their entries to our Portrait photography competition. All the tutors involved in judging asked me to say that this time in particular - it was very very hard to pick a winner. Most of the pictures in the runners-up section had at least one or two votes, so please keep up what you are doing! You are doing great! And if you did not win this time, you should still be very proud of yourself, and definitely submit your pics for more...
UNSPLUSH - Photo by Jack Finnigan

Rain and Water Reflections – Photography Competition October 2018

Hi Everyone! Yes, it's time for our next Photo Competition. We had an amazing summer but the rainy season is approaching fast. As much as the weather can be a bit unpleasant, we can use it to our advantage and try some nice creative techniques, capturing rain and reflections in the water. And this will be our theme for October 2018 - Rain and Water Reflections! To inspire you, we've created a Pinterest board, but you are the artist, so feel free to experiment with aperture and shutter...