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people taking pictures during photography course

Intensive DSLR Photography Course – reviews 25/04/2013

Very enjoyable photography course which I will most definitely recommend. Learned a huge amount and now I feel much more confident in using the camera properly - not just on auto. Thanks! Nick Morgan (Canon EOS 350D)Course content spot on. Plenty of activities. Excellent value and teacher. Will definitely recommend to friends! Stephen Detsny (Nikon D5100)Learnt about the basics of photography and some 'fine timing' skills. Great activities - especially the ones experimenting with long...
Attendees of intensive dslr photography course in London on the 29th December 2012

Intensive DSLR Photography Course – 29/12/2012

There was a perfect balance of theory and hands-on activities. I enjoyed the fact that we tried out in praxis everything we learned. I got much clearer picture about the possibilities and more control over the camera and can't wait to go out there and try and experiment with everything we learned.Leela Jesus Vignolli (Canon EOS 5D)It was good basic course to know-how features of a) Principles of Photography b) Use them in your camera. I would definitely recommend this course to my...
Weekend DSLR Photography Course in London - 11th November 2012

Weekend DSLR Photography Course – 11/11/2012

I learnt to manipulate the three essentials of photography being aperture, shutter speed and ISO. This will enable me to shoot with manual mode and have more fun taking pictures which is what I was looking for. I also learnt new features about my camera such as metering, white balance and focus (AF-S, AF-C .. ). I was given a lot of advice from the teacher which I will take away and consider very seriously. The technical part of the course about lenses was very interesting. Would definitely...