Introduction to Headshots Photography

Introduction to Headshot Photography is a full day class with a great mix of theory and practice using continuous and flash lights.

We will start with exploring and identifying different types and styles of headshots to find the one that will suit you and your clients.

Next, we will look into headshot lighting gear and the importance of prime lenses.

You will learn how to control natural and ambient light and how to quickly build a headshot studio setup.

Posing basics – standing pose, seating pose and head positions.

You will also learn how to connect with your clients to confidently direct them on set to create better headshots.

Learn quick setups, avoid mistakes and get it right in camera!

Introduction to headshots photography workshop in London
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Learn all about Headshots in one day!

This one day highly practical workshop takes place at Wimbledon Art Studios, in South-West London.

Please note places are limited to 6 attendees only.

What to expect on the day?

Introduction to Headshot Photography is a full day class with a great mix of theory and practice.
You will learn the perfect light, lens and composition that allows you to always create stunning headshots in any environment.
Quick but effective techniques to put your subject at ease.
There will be plenty of practice with natural, continuous and studio flash light.

Course outline in more detail:

  • Headshots vs Portraits: What is the difference?
  • Introduction to the technical aspects of Headshot photography.
  • Learn all the Different types of headshots and how to choose the most appropriate one for your subject.
  • Learn to connect with your clients and efficiently direct them on set.
  • Work with what you have: Natural Light and simple props.
  • Getting it right: How to work with different and difficult facial features.
  • How to choose the correct lens.
  • Simple doesn’t mean boring: tips and tricks on how to Improve your composition.
  • Natural light vs studio light.
  • Simple studio lighting setups for different types of headshots.
  • Learn how to effectively combine Key, Fill and Rim lights.
  • Instant images feedback and suggestions.

At the end of the day not only you will gain confidence for shooting in a studio environment, but you will also walk away with some great images for your portfolio.


It is assumed that those attending will have a basic knowledge of photography and have an understanding of aperture, shutter speeds and exposure, or have already attended our Beginners DSLR or an Intensive DSLR courses.

Suggested equipment

Any camera that allows full manual control (M on program dial). A DSLR is recommended, however, most of the mirrorless compact systems / micro-four-thirds and bridge cameras should also be suitable.
If in doubt, please email us with your camera make and model and we will double check its suitability. Please follow this link to the contact form.

Course key facts
Headshots Photography
Studio Practice
all levels of skill and experience
Group size
06 students
optimal tutor attention
6 hours
10:00am – 4:00pm
Wimbledon Art Studios10 Riverside Yard
Riverside Road
London SW17 0BB
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Alessia Chinazzo

Alessia is advertising, fashion and portrait photographer based in London.

Her fashion work has been featured in PhotoVogue, and many printed and online magazines like Pride Magazine and Institute Mag.

Her passion for theatre has then led her to work for some famous theatre productions like Flashdance, Peter Pan, the Jersey Boys and the Crucible with billboards all over the UK.