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Intensive DSLR Photography Course – reviews 26/10/2013

I got the Intensive photography course as a gift and I must say that it was the best gift I have ever got! I always used automatic settings for my photography and after this course I am looking forward to take all of my pictures in fully manual. I read many books about manual photography but this course was much more helpful. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Nice friendly approach. Thank you for your time! Jana Breaks (Canon EOS...
Intensive Dslr Photography Course 21072013

Intensive DSLR Photography Course – reviews 21/07/2013

This has been a fantastic photography course! I have learnt how to get to grips with my dslr and won't use the 'Auto' function again. The variety of activities, from low-light, fast action and depth-of-field kept us really interested and showcased how to make the most out of our cameras. I really enjoyed the interactive nature and would definitely recommend this course to my friends and family. Thank you very much! Paul Crick (Canon EOS 600D)Great way of explaining the functionality...
beginners photography course in London

Intensive Photography Course – 03/04/2013

Very interesting photography course, good pace, full of enthusiasm. All basics covered and cut through the amazing amount of information available out there, very well. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Many thanks!!! Leon Schofield (Nikon D5200)I learned everything that I wanted to understand - the basics of photography and how ISO, aperture and shutter interact with each other. This has given me a good grounding and confidence to experiment. I would definitely recommend this...