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digital slr photography course in London

Intensive DSLR Photography Course review – 23/02/2013

Very enjoyable photography course - completely took me through what I needed to know to move away from automatic mode. Well structured and fun! Certainly explained all the novice confusing items that stop you progressing. ISO- AV- stops, aperture, exposure compensation and white balance. Colin Kettley (Canon EOS 600D)Great to get a basic understanding of the different settings - aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, composition and white balance. I think there was the right balance...
Intensive DSLR Photography Course - 19/01/2013

Intensive DSLR Photography Course – 19/01/2013

Very useful tips to come out of the automatic modes! (which I was a little reluctant to do before). Answered all of my questions & pieced all of the missing information (in my head) together. I would be very happy to refer my friends to a course like his - I’ve learned so much in 1 day! I was very happy with the value too. Yusuf Cosar (Canon EOS 650D)I really enjoyed the course! It gave me confidence to use all the manual functions on my camera. I also feel more knowledgeable now...
Intensive DSLR Photography Course London 13th January 2013

Intensive DSLR Photography Course – 13/01/2013

Great photography course - learned loads - good balance of theory and practice. Really enjoyed the creative techniques, especially the fun playing with lights. Really good value and would definitely recommend it to photography enthusiasts like myself. Annabel Lenton-Thompson (Nikon D3100)Finally learnt how to use the camera and get the best shot of what I see. Great course! Nathalia Seeber Bonato (Sony Alpha A37)Today’s course was really good. Initially I could only use automatic...
Intensive DSLR Photography Course London 9th January 2013

Intensive DSLR Photography Course – 9/01/2013

In one day Jason turned what was purely theoretical to actual. The approach, teaching style and atmosphere worked for me 100%. Excellent value for money. Would recommend! Jason Waxman (Nikon D700)I particularly liked that the course is so well structured. Through simple and familiar to everyone metaphors the teacher made it perfectly clear what are the basics of a camera mechanics as well as photography. Practical exercises made it all fall into place. Excellent value. Would definitely...
Weekend DSLR Photography Course in London - 11th November 2012

Weekend DSLR Photography Course – 11/11/2012

I learnt to manipulate the three essentials of photography being aperture, shutter speed and ISO. This will enable me to shoot with manual mode and have more fun taking pictures which is what I was looking for. I also learnt new features about my camera such as metering, white balance and focus (AF-S, AF-C .. ). I was given a lot of advice from the teacher which I will take away and consider very seriously. The technical part of the course about lenses was very interesting. Would definitely...
Intensive DSLR Photography Course - London 8th November 2012

Canon Digital SLR Photography Course – 08/11/2012

The course was fantastic! I learnt so much about my camera and feel really confident now about using it in fully manual mode. Thank you!!!

Raja Ali (Canon)

Great course, I learnt how to use my DSLR camera and some really good creative techniques. Will definitely recommend to friends!

Francileide Santos (Canon EOS 600d)
Photography One to One Tuition - 5th November 2012

One to One Photography Tuition – 05/11/2012

I learnt a lot from Jason – my instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed the tuition as I learnt a lot of really good tricks and how to be more creative with my photography. All I have to do now is practice! No more auto for me! I will recommend this course to my friends an I will definitely be back for some more advanced courses. See you soon!!!

Avinash Shrestha (Canon EOS 7D)
Digital SLR Photography Course - London 3rd November 2012

Digital SLR Photography Course – 03/11/2012

Fantastic one day course that provides a great introduction to the fundamental concepts of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, and their relationship with one another I feel much more confident in using my camera in its manual mode following this course. The Course was great value for money and I would definitely recommend it!David Lipinski (Sony Alpha DSLR-A100)Very comprehensive, well explained principals of photography. Structured and intelligent insights that I could not have gained...
Digital SLR Photography Course for Beginners - London

DSLR Photography Course for Beginners – 25/10/2012

Very enjoyable and educational day. Learnt the fundamentals of photography + how + when to use the many features on a dslr camera. The whole day was very well structured and informative throughout. Would highly recommend!Carl Slatford (Nikon d90)Very good course! I learned all the basic principles of photography. Especially enjoyed the creative techniques! It is very good value for money! Now I need some time to digest all the information and to practice more. Thanks a lot!Gislaine...
Digital SLR Photography Course in London

Digital SLR Photography Course – 03/10/2012

I learned so much more about light and how to compensate for it or luck of it. I learned a great deal about the functions on my camera. It was all very enjoyable, but things usually are when you are learning! Plenty to do and 'yes' - I would recommend this course to others ... and I will! I got value for money today!Paul MilesThe course gave me the ability to use the camera in confidence in manual mode. Knowing the link between ISO, shutter speed and aperture will undoubtedly help me...
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