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summer holidays competition results 09-2020

Your Best Summer / Holiday Pictures results August 2020

Hi Everyone, thank you for submitting your images to our Best Summer/Holiday Pictures.The winning shot was awarded to Daniela Hladka - CONGRATS!!!We really liked both pics from Daniela and the silhouette effects, but more people voted for the pic no1. The second place goes to Chloe Townley for the unconventional 180 degrees yoga spin - congrats! Daniela will receive £50 and Chloe £25 in course gift vouchers.Please remember to send your pics for the Street Photography...
Street photography competition September 2020

Street Photography Competition September 2020

Hi Everyone! Wow, its September already! Four more months and we will be saying farewell to 2020... after all 2019 probably wasn't so bad ...? Ok, so I've been looking for a new theme for our competition, and by accident, I think I found a perfect one! Street Photography! Last Sunday I joined street photography workshop run by Rob and I loved it! You can read more about this on our website...
street photography with Rob Irving London

Street Photography Workshop in London – Rob Irving August 2020

Photography for me includes being about the engagement with whatever the subject matter/scenario might be. Observing it, feeling it, looking for the patterns, the balance, the composition. Predicting the decisive moment. I enjoy many genres of photography, but the one I am most likely to be found doing when looking for a reason to be playing with my camera would be Street, for it oozes opportunity, there’s always something new and interesting to shoot, lots of the unexpected and plenty...