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Black Friday London photography courses 2019

Photography Courses Black Friday Sale 2019 – Save up to 25% on Classes and Christmas Gift Vouchers

Photography Courses Black Friday Sale - Save up to 25% on our London courses and Christmas Gift Vouchers. Hi Everyone! The photography courses Black Friday sale event is coming up tomorrow ... and the Cyber Monday next week! This is our biggest sale of the year and you will be able to get up to 25% = £50 discount on our photography courses and the Gift Vouchers. There will be no coupons, promo codes or special links. Simply visit our website this coming Friday (Saturday, Sunday or next...
photography competition 2019 10 winner

The Colours of Autumn Photography Competition Winner – October 2019

Hi Everyone, a big thank you for submitting your pictures to our The Colours of Autumn Photo CompetitionThe winning shot was awarded to Ami Jane Grant - Instagram - Congratulations!I would call my picture ‘Queen’s Wizard of Oz’. As it reminded me of the red field in the wizard of Oz. It was taken in the Queen’s garden at Buckingham Palace. I just love the different colours of autumn over here. I never noticed the colours back in Australia.Selected pictures from all...
November rain photography competition 2019

November Rain – Photography Competition November 2019

Yes, it’s time for our new Photography Competition. "Nothin' lasts forever And we both know hearts can change And it's hard to hold a candle In the cold November rain" These are the famous lyrics from the "November Rain" song by Guns N' Roses... It's getting dark early, cold (but not too cold), rainy, wet, melancholic, yes, November ticks all the boxes, and sounds like a perfect theme for our next photography competition. So let it be - November Rain. Although the weather can be a...