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Close to Nature - photo competition winners

CLOSE TO NATURE – Photography Competition Winners Announced

Hi Everyone, thank you for all the entries to the Close to Nature competition. It proved to be a very popular theme again and we received a lot of entries. The winning shot was awarded to Zoltan Varga !Runner-up picturesOne more picture from Zoltan in Richmond Park And to see more please visit his gallery on Flicker and InstagramKatheryn WiseAnz RainSally Freeman - "Four spotted Chaser" taken Nene valley NorthamptonshireChris TownMary...
Need for Speed - photography competition

Need for Speed – Photography Competition June 2018

The time goes so fast... another day, another week, another month ... yes, it's time for a new photo competition from us. Our theme for June is "Need for Speed"! Timing is crucial in photography. As I am sure you remember, in camera we control time by selecting appropriate speeds. "Shutter speed" is the length of time your camera shutter is open, exposing light onto the camera sensor. On the technical side, shutter speed will affect your exposure. "Slow" shutter speed will allow more light...