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Travel Photography Competition Winners

Travel Photography Competition Winners Announced

Hi Everyone, that you for all the entries to the Travel Photography competition and sharing it with friends. Every month our contests are getting bigger and better. This one was just exceptional and we got completely flooded with pictures from all over the world!!! Edo (our travel course tutor) had a very hard task ahead of him but he finally picked his favourite images. The winning shot was awarded to Lucy Higgins ('Havana smoke') - Instagram @blucoconutphotography Lucy used Nikon D7200...
The Colours Of Autumn Photo Competition 2017 10 Blog

The Colours of Autumn Photography Competition October 2017

Autumn has arrived - the days are getting shorter and a morning chill fills the air : ( But on the positive side, the leaves are turning all shades of orange, red, brown, gold and yellow; and it's the time when all photographers head to their favourite fall colour locations :) Pretty much everywhere you look, you can find some amazing transitions in colour. So this month's theme for our photo competition is "The Colours of Autumn".What to photograph? One leaf or two? a...