Meet Our Team

Qualified, passionate and with a broad range of professional experience in the industry, our team will make your learning fun, challenging and rewarding!

Jason Pierce-Williams BA Hons Photography

Jason has been shooting freelance projects for music companies, labels and artists, along with contributing to such publications as DJ Mag and other dance culture publications for over ten years. It was while freelancing for these magazines that Jason developed his expertise in flash and low light photography when shooting in clubs and festivals.

Jason also continues to bring this straightforward, authentic photojournalistic style to his highly successful wedding photography, which accounts for around 45 events each year.

Jason also shot numerous personalities within the dance and mainstream music cultures, including Goldie, Tod Terry, Tori Amos, Carl Cox, Jean Michel Jarre, Mr C, Sasha, Ronnie Size, Jack Bruce, Paul Jones and many others.

He thus brings the full scope of his expertise and knowledge of film photography to the digital medium and, having shot on fully manual cameras for several years is able to demystify and explain in the clearest possible terms, the fundamentals of photography in its most basic form and, by extension, the functions, behaviour and capabilities of the modern DSLR.

Jason is devoted to photography in every form; its history, its social impact and relevance, its physical mechanics and of course, its potential for astonishing creativity and beauty.

The courses which are run are thus as much to do with the world of photography as with the various technologies which operate within it, and it is this which makes the courses so informative and exciting.

Agnieszka Williams

Aga studied photography at the prestigious Lodz school of film and cinematography in central Poland. She shares Jason’s tremendous passion and talent for photojournalism photography. But her inherent feminine perspective also lends her a particular flair for child and family portraiture, both in the studio and on location.

Aga is also the company’s business manager and liaises closely with all our clients and photography students.

Artur Lopata BA Hons Photography

Artur is a Polish born photographer based in London. After studying Art & Design in photography at The Kingston College of Art, Artur gained his degree in fashion photography at The University of Arts in London College of Fashion.

Artur works as a freelancer, across fashion, beauty, advertising and editorial, where he shows passion for photography and demonstrates a flair in his ability to create original compositions and use light creatively. His work was exhibited both nationally and aboard.

György László MA Cinematography

György is a full-time professional cinematographer with a degree from one of Europe’s most prestigious schools for directors of photography, FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic.

György has shot several feature-length documentaries both on digital formats and on film. His body of work includes short features, music videos and much more that reflects the bridges any camera person has to build between theory and everyday filming practices.

If you would like to preview some of his works, go to