Creative Photography Practice

If you have a DSLR but are fed up with AUTO, burry or badly exposed images, colour casts, or generally just lacking any consistent impact then you may want to consider coming to our guided practice session in central London.

This is not a whistle stop tour of London landmarks, but a guided opportunity to practice, ask questions, and to learn something about the inherent visual disciplines which are so essential to your development as a photographer.

The digital camera photography course that Jason ran was absolutely great. I learnt so much on the day. The content was really interesting and was backed up by great and fascinating practical examples.

Richard Draper

Great photography practice

This 3 hours tour begins at Waterloo and immediately takes a detour around backstreets heading towards Southwark and the Bankside with a look at a photography gallery along the way.

We will not focus on famous landmarks but is intended, rather, to give you some opportunity to experiment with such techniques as shutter control, depth of field control and composition. It will also focus, as far as possible, on light; its properties and characteristics and how these impact on successful photography.

Expect to learn and get extensive guided practice in:

including leading lines, rule of thirds and other ways of filling the frame to give your images more impact. How to bring abstraction to your images through tight, considered composition.
getting more familiar with relative speeds of things and people and how these can relate, creatively, to the different shutter speeds on your camera.
how aperture and distance relate to controlling depth of field for creative purposes.
a huge part of the seduction of a good image is predicated on the light within that image. We will, as far as possible (weather) be giving constant attention to the available light and the different effects and problems inherent in differing types of available light. Understanding and appreciating and learning to recognise the constantly fluctuating properties of light is fundamental to gaining any kind of mastery over your photography.
we will also be paying attention to the basics of colour and how it can bring added impact to your photography.
Course key facts
Creative photography
all levels of skill and experience
Group size
06 students
optimal tutor attention
3 hours
10:00am – 1:00pm
Waterloo Station

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Learn, take control and begin to realise and fullfill your dream of taking consistently great pictures.

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